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Bradán Accountant’s Start Up Financial Function Setup

Start-ups encounter a unique set of hurdles. In addition to these obstacles, a startup in its early phases has different needs to an established business. Regardless of where your business lies on this spectrum, Bradan Accountants can assist you in identifying and implementing the actions required to develop a robust financial infrastructure.

It is never too early to put up a basic accounting function when launching a business, even if you plan to address a number of operational concerns later. You should not progress too far without building an accounting system, regardless of whether you’re tracking bootstrapped expenses or early earnings. We’re talking about creating a sophisticated one, since excel spreadsheets won’t do. It is beneficial to develop an accounting system that supports your business model and the particular expenses of your firm, while keeping in mind the future expansion of your business.

Accounting Function and Setup

Bradán Accountants can work as a fully-fledged finance department or enhance your existing resources with specialised bookkeeping and accounting services. We also provide guidance and assistance for accounting system integration and process configuration.

Personalised Reporting & Analysis

Your organization’s accounting system is its financial backbone. Once the system is implemented, it should capture vital data that provides insight into the financial and operational performance of your startup. We can work with you to design and analyse bespoke reports that you may use to track the growth of your startup. Using the data and analysis provided by these reports, our team can also aid with sophisticated forecasting and budgeting.

Financial Modelling

Our skilled teams are familiar with the most recent and complex formats for constructing accurate financial models with the proper calculations. The models enable you to examine potential outcomes depending on ongoing and required alterations to the financials and/or situations of your organisation.

Integration of Data Sources and Tools

Managing data across different, disparate platforms is sometimes a challenge for new businesses. The time required to manually assemble and organise financial and operational data can compel time-crunched business owners to defer these duties. In a fraction of the time, Bradán Accountants can link your systems and tools to a single platform, providing you with complete, on-demand visibility into the most vital areas of your organisation.

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