Switching accountants made

Easy with Bradán!

Bradan Accountants make it easy to switch accountants that are just right for your individual needs. We’ll help you through every step with expertise and ease.

Switch to an accountant that will help your business grow.

Running a business is hard,

Bad accountants can make it even harder.

Your Accountant’s role in guiding you and your business is crucial. As with any other service, the service of an Accountant can vary greatly, and there will be times when a business owner will need to consider whether switching Accountants would be in their and their company’s best interest. There are numerous indicators that the service quality may be falling below an acceptable level. It may not be a single main factor, but rather a collection of minor causes.


Other Accountants
Bradan Accountants

Poor service and/or errors

Unexpected fees

Poor value for money

Lack of technical knowledge

Lack prompt returned calls

Limited access to AM

Missed deadlines

Lack of proactive service

Missed a tax deadline

Unexpected fines & liabilities

Absence of report

Delayed work

Better service with no errors

Fixed predetermined fees

Better value for money

Subject matter experts

Prompt call backs

Account manager available

Delivery before deadlines

Proactive and priority service

Timely tax filing

No unexpected liabilities

Periodic performance reports

Timely work delivery

Changing Accountants should not intimidate you. It is simple, and we guide clients through the process every week. Many clients become entrenched with a subpar accountant and never realise that they should not settle for mediocrity.

We’ll take care of the numbers while you lead the business.

We are a new age accounting company that assists sole traders, professionals and small businesses and organisations to grow.

It’s time to switch to Bradán Accountants for your accounting needs.

Cloud Accounting Professionals 

Subject Matter Experts

Complete Business Transparency 

ACCA Certified


What will you get when you switch accountants with Bradan Accountants

When businesses switch to Bradan Accountants, they are getting more than just skilled accountants; they are getting a CFO and his entire team.

Better Paperless efficiency

Everything that we do is digital, so wave farewell to paper. Beneficial for the business and the environment .

Better Business Aspirations.

You started a business with passion and an aspiration to bring value to your customers. With us managing the numbers you will love to do what you love.

Better Productive Days.

Worry less about tax filing and compliance and focus more on better business productivity, we will take care of all the mundane financial tasks so you can focus on the business growth.

Better Future prospects.

We constantly keep a check on the future so that you have the freedom to focus on the business and its goals.

Better Business Framework

When we onboard you, we will integrate best business and accounting practice giving your business a better structure and foundation to scale.

Better Financial Planning

The strength of your business is in its cash flow. You’ll be able to better visualise the infow and the outflow of your cash allowing you t be more efficient.

Switching Accountants is as easy as… 1,2,3

Our 5 step onboarding procedure makes it simple and convenient to switch accountants in just few steps.


You get in touch with us


We send you a proposal with options to consider.


We look after the switch with your other accountant.

The future of your business accounting is on the cloud, not on your old desktop computer.

Our innovative cloud accounting application enables us to improve your businesses financial performance and processes, giving you more time and flexibility to concentrate on your business rather than on individual tasks.

Discuss more about Switching Accountants and learn how we can assist you.

Everything begins with a short phone conversation.

An initial discovery call helps us to understand where you stand within your business as well as what you want from our engagement.

Cloud Accounting Professionals 
Subject Matter Experts
Complete Business Transparency 
ACCA Certified
Full Range of Services

We offer a full range of services you may need, you can benefit from lower fees and by having a single point of contact for all your business administration needs.

Qualified team

Our qualified team ensures that the standards are upheld through a programme of practice reviews.

Fixed deadlines

Dates by which the agreed-upon work will be completed. This enables the customer to plan for future tax obligations.

Initial Tax Review

To identify all tax planning alternatives that you are not currently utilising.

Fixed Fees

Pre-agreed with you so you are aware of your position. No surprises. Because we wish to assist you, there is no fee for routine ad hoc issues.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

While some of our clients were already QuickBooks users, others decided to adopt the software after talking with our accounting specialists. We offer the subsequent QuickBook accounting and QuickBooks bookkeeping services

Why choose us for Switching Accountants ?

Need one good reason to select us, we will give you four.

You will benefit from our Pro Customer Service.

We’re in business because of you; it’s our job to help you navigate accounting and taxes while running your business. We only offer services that you need and want, and we have your best interest at heart to server you.

You will benefit from our Pro Technology Approach.

Aside from Quickbooks and SAGE, Xero has been the foundation of our practise for many years and now has a strong rival. With these systems’ app ecosystem we are constantly innovating, with solutions for your business.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Forecasting

We help you become profitable and sustainable by offering critical financial data, moreover by comprehending your business model we enable you to generate more revenue from customers. Forecasting future scenarios to help you execute best strategies is something we love doing.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Maximisation

We make finance efficient: Over time, accounting and bookkeeping systems can accumulate a significant amount of redundancy and inefficiency, Using highly efficient methodologies we optimise the process to streamlining your business.

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