Monthly Accounting Service


When businesses outsource their monthly accounting to Bradan Accountants, They are getting more than just skilled accountants; They are getting a CFO and his entire team.

Improved Time Management

With outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, Bradan Accountants has helped businesses save an average of 80 hours each month.

Improved Budget Maximization

What is accurately measured is successfully managed. We provide business owners with a comprehensive financial overview, allowing them to be more profitable.

Improved Business Administration

You can be confident that your company’s financials will be in the best hands because we are trained and experienced Accountants and Tax Advisors.

We’ll take care of the numbers while you lead the business.

We are a new management accounting company that assists sole traders, professionals and small businesses grow.

It’s time to switch to Bradan Accountants for your accounting needs.

Cloud Accounting Professionals 

Subject Matter Experts

Complete Business Transparency 

ACCA Certified



Accounting and Taxation

First before we get started, we need to make sure you become and remain compliant and up to date with the current rules and regulations. Our Accounting and Tax service includes all of your compliance-related obligations

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Management Accounting

Why should you choose a company that just sends you management reports once every three months? A growing company requires periodic direction. All of our service plans include monthly reports.

Financial Reporting

Never again wait a year after the end of the fiscal year for your yearly financial statements. Our processes are set up to work on them monthly, so it gets generated quickly. Keeping the board of directors and other stakeholders absolutely delighted.

Tax Returns

All statutory tax returns, and obligations are updated and filed on your behalf. Keeping your business compliant.

Review Meetings

Scheduled review meetings with your account manager to evaluate and discuss your overall business performance, your financial strategies and realign any financial deviations. With your account manager you can strategies your approach and your growth plan.


Bookkeeping and Payroll Service

Are you still worried about your bookkeeping or are you still paying a junior staff to keep your books updated ? And it’s more likely that more time it takes, the more expense you incur. Our Bookkeeping and Payroll Service packages are all dependent on transaction volume, you just pay for the number of transactions that occur in a given month.

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Paperless Bookkeeping

With paperless bookkeeping services it’s never been so easier to keep your books up to date, with our in app OCR (Optical Character Recognition ), you take a picture, upload and we and our app will take care of the rest. That’s all there is to it. You send in your expenses from wherever you happen to be.

Reconciliation and Updates

Your business should have no place for old and irrelevant records. You want precise information that is captured and recorded as close as possible to the real-time. Depending upon your requirements, you might as well have your accounts processed on a regular basis. 

Flexible Transaction Based Pricing.

Per-transaction pricing is an effective model to grow your business and can save you money over engaging a full-time bookkeeper. The best part is that you may switch between plans based on your volume of transactions.

Automated Alerts & Reminders

Maintain your business cash-flow by sending automatic and tailored accounts receivables alerts and follow-ups on unpaid bills to customers.


Advisory and Consulting Service

Tailor-made Advisory and Consulting Service keeping your business in the right track to meet its goals and objectives. Have a quick 15 min meeting with one of our advisors to explore the potential of your enterprise.

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Financial Projection & Forecasting

Forward-looking visibility of income secured and expenses committed to, as well as how this relates to your budget, has been updated.

Budget Planning and controlling

Developing an one year integrated framework. Budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year, including a complete examination of all revenue and expenses.

Actual Variation Report

How your results achieved compared to your budget, as well as adjusting the budget at the end of each month.

Reports and Data.

Detailed reports to assist you in comprehending your progress toward your objectives and keep on track.

The future of your business accounting is on the cloud, not on your old desktop computer.

Our innovative cloud accounting application enables us to improve your businesses financial performance and processes, giving you more time and flexibility to concentrate on your business rather than on individual tasks.

Time to switch your accountants to Bradan Accountants .

Everything begins with a 15-min phone conversation.

An initial 15-min conversation helps us to understand where you stand within your business as well as what you want from our engagement. We’ll continue with a full conversation to design your solution after we’re both satisfied that we’re a good match.

Cloud Accounting Professionals 
Subject Matter Experts
Complete Business Transparency 
ACCA Certified
Proper Data Mapping

We can map data to its proper location in the new system.

Gold Xero Partners

As Gold Xero Champions, our qualified bookkeeping and payroll teams are able to provide continuing support for Xero bookkeeping software following your migration. Providing you and your employees with the opportunity to become acquainted with a new accounting system.

Full Range of Services

We offer a full range of services you may need, you can benefit from lower fees and by having a single point of contact for all your business administration needs.

Qualified team

Our qualified team ensures that the standards are upheld through a programme of practice reviews.

Fixed deadlines

Dates by which the agreed-upon work will be completed. This enables the customer to plan for future tax obligations.

Initial Tax Review

To identify all tax planning alternatives that you are not currently utilising.

Why choose us for Monthly Accounting Service ?

Need one good reason to select us, we will give you four.

You will benefit from our Pro Customer Service.

We’re in business because of you; it’s our job to help you navigate accounting and taxes while running your business. We only offer services that you need and want, and we have your best interest at heart to server you.

You will benefit from our Pro Technology Approach.

Aside from Quickbooks and SAGE, Xero has been the foundation of our practise for many years and now has a strong rival. With these systems’ app ecosystem we are constantly innovating, with solutions for your business.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Forecasting

We help you become profitable and sustainable by offering critical financial data, moreover by comprehending your business model we enable you to generate more revenue from customers. Forecasting future scenarios to help you execute best strategies is something we love doing.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Maximisation

We make finance efficient: Over time, accounting and bookkeeping systems can accumulate a significant amount of redundancy and inefficiency, Using highly efficient methodologies we optimise the process to streamlining your business.

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