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Bradán Accountants offers a wide range of accounting services for individuals, small businesses, and corporations in Ireland.

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Business Focus

All firms are required to submit annual financial statements, tax returns, and other statutory returns. This is not the most interesting field for businesses, but it is our bread and butter at Bradán Accountants. We can alleviate much of the effort and time you devote to your annual accounts, allowing you to focus on your business. Additionally, by utilising Cloud Accounting tools, you may cut the time and expense required to prepare annual accounts.

Financial Performance

One of the disadvantages of the annual compliance process is that it is typically completed a few months after the activity has occurred and is therefore not particularly useful for making decisions. However, filing your accounts with Revenue and the CRO is required every year. The report may be distributed to shareholders and other interested parties in order for them to analyse the company’s financial performance and make investment and future-oriented decisions.

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Your Success

At Bradan Accountants……we guarantee that all of our clients are well informed and have the appropriate resources at their disposal. In addition, we are always accessible to discuss your requirements and adjust your processes as your business expands. Having a trustworthy and qualified accountant by your side during tax time and throughout the year is crucial.

Having a trustworthy and qualified accountant by your side during tax time and throughout the year is crucial

Management Accounting Service

Get your business on the right financial track with Bradan Accountants.

Monthly Accounting Service

Never worry about your accounting, bookkeeping, tax and having to deal with Revenue again

Switching Accountants

Bradan Accountants make it easy to switch accountants that’s just right for your individual needs. We’ll help you through every step with expertise and ease.

Bradan’s Annual Accounting and Compliance Services


Prepare your annual accounts and ensure your business is compliant with the legal requirements.


Prepare abridged accounts for the Companies Registration Office to comply with the requirements for small businesses.


File beneficial ownership data with RBO through the online portal.


File and fulfil your obligations for annual returns to the CRO


Calculate and complete your VAT return


Calculate and complete your PAYE return


Calculate and complete your Capital Acquisitions Tax return


Calculate and complete Capital Gains Tax return


Calculate and complete your corporation tax return


Calculate and complete your income tax return

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Why choose us for Accounting Services ?

Need one good reason to select us, we will give you four.

You will benefit from our Pro Customer Service.

We’re in business because of you; it’s our job to help you navigate accounting and taxes while running your business. We only offer services that you need and want, and we have your best interest at heart to server you.

You will benefit from our Pro Technology Approach.

Aside from Quickbooks and SAGE, Xero has been the foundation of our practise for many years and now has a strong rival. With these systems’ app ecosystem we are constantly innovating, with solutions for your business.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Forecasting

We help you become profitable and sustainable by offering critical financial data, moreover by comprehending your business model we enable you to generate more revenue from customers. Forecasting future scenarios to help you execute best strategies is something we love doing.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Maximisation

We make finance efficient: Over time, accounting and bookkeeping systems can accumulate a significant amount of redundancy and inefficiency, Using highly efficient methodologies we optimise the process to streamlining your business.

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