Company Secretarial Services for Startups and New Businesses

Keep your business legally compliant

For a growing company, it is essential to ensure that you have the correct company structures in place for your business. To ensure that you are always in compliance with the law, you need to employ a specialist company secretary to ensure that all of your business’s legal documents and requirements are up to date.

Professional company secretarial services is an integral part of every startup

Company Secretarial Services play a very important role in the life of a startup. Startups are completely new ventures that need to be registered in order to function as legal entities. Startups especially need to take advantage of required company secretarial affairs if they want to raise capital, through debt or equity, in the form of venture funding. 

Company Secretarial Services provide the foundation to a new business. Company Secretarial Services are legal and administrative paperwork that create and manage the existence of a startup. Without the help of Company Secretarial Services for an advocacy, the business venture cannot have recognition in front of the government or regulatory authorities.

If you’re looking for a great way to get started in your business, we can help you out.

We will handle the legal formalities, such as incorporating your business, maintaining the statutory registers and filing the necessary forms with CRO.

Company Formation Service: Looking to start a company in Ireland, you will have to first form a company to do so, let us handle the documentation while you focus on the expansion.

Company Secretary Service: Professional and dependable support during the early phases of business, giving you peace of mind that your company is complying with Companies Registration Office standards (CRO).