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What is Management Accounting?

Management accounting is a process that creates and provides financial data and reports to managers to aid them in effective decision – making. The only distinction separating it from financial accounting is that management accounting is used purely by the business’s internal employees. In this practice, the financial administrator releases financial data, reports, internal and external payments and balance sheets, with the company’s management.

Management accounting is the method of analyzing a business’s finances and operations to develop internal financial reports, these reports and insights assists managers to create successful business strategies that in turn help them achieve their objectives. In other words, it is the act of understanding financial and accounting data and translating them into financial reports that the management can interpret.

As per several leading financial institutions, management accounting is the process of “identifying, evaluating, assessing, and analysing financial information” to help corporate executives to make smart financial decisions and efficiently manage their business operations. Unlike all the other accounting areas, this one focuses on internal data and reports, therefore professionals rarely interact with or counsel external clients.

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What are the Advantages of Management Accounting?

The following are the most important advantages of management accounting:

Facilitates Strategy Planning

Management accounting enables a business to develop more efficient strategies for the future. It frequently provides key decision makers with both financial and non-financial indicators which enables them to make accurate analyses and forecasts.

Facilitates Increased Profitability

Management Accounting plays a significant role in increasing a business’s profitability, it promotes businesses toward being cost-conscious and assists them in avoiding needless costs. Budget control and capital budgeting are two techniques used in management accounting to cut expenses and boost profitability.

Facilitates Performance Measurement

Management accounting evaluates and monitors the entire performance of a business with its insights and reports. It incorporates a variety of methodologies, like gap analysis, cost benefit analysis, marginal costing etc, these methodologies enables a business to identify and measure any deviation and variance in the business strategy.  Managers are able to identify any discrepancies in business performance and can take corrective measures

Facilitates Enhanced Productivity

The key objective of the financial and the management team is to increase the overall effectiveness of the business. Management accounting identifies objectives for each business segment in advance and oversees their achievement. It ensures that all systems are operating to their maximum capacity, resulting in greater productivity.

Facilitates Better Customer Service

Management accounting concentrates on improving service to customers by delivering the best products and services at competitive prices. Utilising cost containment techniques the management can optimise product pricing. In addition, it defines quality standards that businesses must adhere to when producing and offering their goods and services.

Facilitates Dependability

By providing accurate data, management accounting enhances the reliability of decision making. It analyses the data employing appropriate scientific procedures and processes, enabling managers in the effective management of business operations.

Full Range of Services

We offer a full range of services you may need, you can benefit from lower fees and by having a single point of contact for all your business administration needs.

Qualified team

Our qualified team ensures that the standards are upheld through a programme of practice reviews.

Initial Tax Review

To identify all tax planning alternatives that you are not currently utilising.

Fixed Fees

Pre-agreed with you so you are aware of your position. No surprises. Because we wish to assist you, there is no fee for routine ad hoc issues.

Superior decision making

A profitable business with a strong cash flow offers the freedom to make superior decisions.


You’ll be in a position to make confident company decisions when you have access to trusted financial data.

Bradan’s Management Accounting Services Enabling Smart Management Decisions for Small Businesses

A growing number of businesses are now realising that outsourcing their accounting and finance operations is smarter, practical, and cost-effective option for accelerating business growth. Allow us to assist you improve in-house productivity, maximise current budget, reduce managerial load, facilitate better time management and minimise infrastructure and staffing expenses.

In addition to traditional management accounting services, we work directly with our customers to change current procedures and systems, giving a mix of services that increase your bottom line. We develop and implement key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial to your company and give reliable data that adds true value.

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Need one good reason to select us, we will give you four.

You will benefit from our Pro Customer Service.

We’re in business because of you; it’s our job to help you navigate accounting and taxes while running your business. We only offer services that you need and want, and we have your best interest at heart to server you.

You will benefit from our Pro Technology Approach.

Aside from Quickbooks and SAGE, Xero has been the foundation of our practise for many years and now has a strong rival. With these systems’ app ecosystem we are constantly innovating, with solutions for your business.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Forecasting

We help you become profitable and sustainable by offering critical financial data, moreover by comprehending your business model we enable you to generate more revenue from customers. Forecasting future scenarios to help you execute best strategies is something we love doing.

You will benefit from our Pro Business Maximisation

We make finance efficient: Over time, accounting and bookkeeping systems can accumulate a significant amount of redundancy and inefficiency, Using highly efficient methodologies we optimise the process to streamlining your business.

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