Registered Office Service

Registered Office Services in Ireland

Providing domestic and international companies with a reputable Irish Registered Office Address Service.

All Irish corporations are required to have a registered office address in the Republic of Ireland, which must be a physical location and not a post office box. All CRO correspondence including official legal notices pertaining to the company will be sent to the Registered address. If you utilise our Registered Office Address service, we will notify the CRO on your behalf of any changes to your company’s registered office address.

The registered office address of a firm will be accessible to the public. This service is excellent for foreign clients who do not have a physical presence or a place of business in Ireland, or who use a residential address for company administration and prefer to keep it confidential.

Registered Office Services


Bradán Accountants’ Registered Office Address Service assists clients to maintain a legal and official address for their business. 

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Our Irish Registered Office Service comprises the following:

  • Use our office locations as the company’s Registered Office Address.
  • Acceptance and receipt of legal documentation
  • Keeping the Statutory Registers, if necessary (electronically or physically)
  • All Companies Registration Office and Revenue Commissioners letters is forwarded.
  • Forwarding of business correspondence (if applicable)
  • Advising delivery of Courier documents.