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Led by Aonghus Sammin who set up the firm in 2006. We now have a great team of accountants and bookkeepers and a network of other professionals to cater for our clients’ needs.

  • We are an accounting firm that changes the game for our clients.
  • We put in place simple systems that make your business run efficiently.
  • We love technology like xero and other cloud based apps that can save time or give more insight.
  • We ensure the right information is captured and available for decision making.
  • We support you to thrive and achieve your goals.

Delivering Accounting Services For 15 Years​

Lead by Aonghus Sammin who set up the firm in 2006. We now have a great team of accountants & Bookkeepers and a network of other professionals to cater for our clients’ needs.

Company Set-Up

We offer a range of Company Set-Up options.

Year end accounts

Year end Accounts

We deal with all types of year end accounts for companies & sole traders.

Tax Returns

We offer all tax compliance services for personal matters, Income Tax, CAT, CGT and business related, VAT & PAYE, Corporation tax etc.

General consulting to increase profitability

General Consulting

When you need advice we're always here to help.

How are we different?

Pro Customer Service

We are in business because of our clients: We believe it is our job to help you navigate the accounting and tax world while you are running your business. We only offer services that we know you need and are looking for and we always have your best interest at heart. We believe in calling you back or responding to your email on the same day but certainly within 24 hours.

Pro technology

We are geeks and love effective technology: that really makes a difference. Xero has been the bedrock of our practice for many years and now has decent competitors in the space with Quickbooks and SAGE. The app ecosystem that exists around these systems is constantly innovating with solutions for every business challenge imaginable. We have implemented solutions for point of sale, online sales, payments, paperless bookkeeping, timesheets, job workflows and many others.

Pro Business

We are business nerds: We like to help businesses become profitable and sustainable by providing good information for business decisions. We like to understand your business model and how you generate cash from your customers. We like to forecast future scenarios and help you decide between alternative plans or projects.

Pro Cloud Remote

We adopted cloud technology in the late 2000s: We moved to a remote / home hybrid model from 2018 based on the benefits of such a flexible working regime and long before the pandemic. Our staff work wherever it suits them and we have many clients that we haven’t met in the real world. Real world meetings with clients and staff are wonderful and can be valuable for building relationships but in reality most of our work can be done remotely.

Pro Easy Simplify

We like to remove or simplify tasks for you: There can be a lot of duplication and inefficiencies in accounting and bookkeeping systems that build up over time. Taking a look at the business process and streamlining it is one of our fortes. Ultimately we are looking for ways to save our clients money or time in the processes we set up for them.


Our Plans

We offer straightforward pricing plans that cover your needs from annual compliance (Basics) to a full outsourced finance department (Professional). These plans are all built on Xero and Hubdoc systems which simplify and semi-automate the bookkeeping experience. We can train you in these systems to go DIY or we can add it to your plan


Peace of mind
99 +Vat Per Month
  • Free Company & Tax Registration
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Annual Accounts
  • Annual Return
  • Income Tax Return
  • Xero Accounting System discount
  • Free Hubdoc Paperless Bookkeeping
  • Discounts for Startups
Limited Offer


Best use of your time
199 +Vat Per Month
  • Everything in Basics, plus:
  • Payroll for up to 5 people
  • Discounts for First year Startups
  • Vat Returns & Advice
  • Simple Volume based pricing for Bookkeeping
  • Platform for adding more apps
Limited Offer


Insight to achieve your goals
399 +Vat Per Month
  • Everything in Basics & Online, plus:
  • Financial Planning Sessions with Directors
  • Budgets & Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Quarterly Management Accounts & Review
  • Business Specific KPI's and industry benchmarking
  • Simple Volume based pricing for bookkeeping & Payroll
Limited Offer

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