Outsourced Payroll Service

Dependable Outsourced Payroll Service

Bradán Accountants offers an Outsourced Payroll Services for small businesses and organisations in Ireland.

Our payroll specialists will provide the best payroll support, payroll processing, and payroll administration services to your company.

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Payroll Service That Maximise Your Business Potential

Bradán Accountant’s outsourced payroll services empowers you to increase the flexibility and efficiency of your business, Our trusted payroll professionals will handle your payroll, giving you as well as your business valuable time to concentrate on ways to generate revenues and maximise profitability.

Furthermore, our outsourced payroll service assists you in achieving maximum payroll compliance, increased accuracy, ensuring that your staff are compensated on time, thus giving you, and your business, the peace of mind, that the payroll is functioning efficiently. 

Your Partner in Outsourced Payroll Services for Your Business

As a non-core company activity, payroll processing can be extremely time-consuming for most businesses. Nevertheless, payroll processing is an essential function for every business. Payroll security, payment processing and staying compliant with the latest payroll regulations can be tedious to manage in most in-house operations in a business. Our knowledgeable payroll specialists can provide your business with complete end to end payroll management services.

Monthly Outsourced Payroll Services

We offer a complete outsourced monthly payroll services, the details of which is listed below:

  • Payroll Preparation and Calculations.
  • Creation of Payslips for Employees.
  • Advices on PAYE, PRSI, & USC Liability.
  • Submitting Payroll and Importing Notifications from Revenue
  • Assuring that correct payments are paid via Revenue Online Service (“ROS”) (where applicable);
  • Providing You with a Monthly Control Summary Report.

Add ons…

Add on Payroll Services

Along with our monthly outsourced payroll services, we can also offer addon services as and when your business requires.

  • Initial Payroll Setup.
  • Compilation and Selection of Addon Services.
  • Preparation of ad-hoc Payroll Reports.
  • Benefit in Kind Processing
  • Employee Exit Processing