Statutory Registers

Annual Statutory Registers and Compliance Service

Bradan Accountants will prepare and maintain your Statutory Registers accurately and on time, thereby complying with the Companies Acts.

What Are The Annual Statutory Compliances?

  • After the incorporation and registration of the company, all the changes to its registered particulars must be reported to the CRO
  • Companies, must compile financial statements and returns annually.
  • Companies can extend or change the date to incorporate a specific financial accounting period.
  • Companies (with some exemptions) must file annual return with the CRO.
  • Companies must submit information about its directors, secretary, and shareholders within six months of their incorporation, and annually thereafter.
  • Companies, are required to compile financial statements and returns annually.

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Business or Trading Name Registration

Companies are required to register its business name, if the company wants to trade under a different name other than its registered company name, any name that is not the primary company name has to be registered.

The business name registration doesn’t grant a legal entity status, but it grants a legal usage and identity to make the use of the business name more transparent. In addition, it does not confer the sole right to use the name to the holder.

Banks and various public institutions require companies utilising a business names to provide evidence that the name has been registered (Certificate of Business Name registration). As appropriate, stationery should include the company’s name.

Bradán Accountants can assist you in business name registration and guide you on how to comply with the Registration of Business Names Act.

Change of Company Name

Any company can change its name and the change of a company’s name can be due to several factors such as change of ownership, merger, acquisitions, change in operations etc.

When a company decides to change its name, Bradán Accountants can assist and provide guidance in checking the availability of proposed business names. After an appropriate name has been selected, we prepare a constitution and company secretarial papers under the proposed business name and file an application for name change with the CRO.

Currently, it takes around two weeks for the CRO to register a change in a company’s name following submission.

Statutory Registers of Businesses

The 2014 Companies Act stipulates that the following statutory registers must be maintained:

  • Director and Secretary Registration
  • Member Registration
  • Directors’ Service Contracts Registration
  • Directors’ Financial Conflicts of Interest Registration
  • Directors’ and Secretaries’ Shareholdings Registration
  • Instruments Creation Registration
  • Book of minutes – General (shareholder) Meetings
  • Director’s Board Meeting Minutes Book
  • Various registers are subject to certain examination rights.

Under the 2014 Companies Act, failing to maintain the registers is a offence of category three, whereas failing to maintain Meetings Minute Books is a offence of category four. Except for the record of instruments causing charges, Bradan Accountants will prepare and then maintain statutory registers on your behalf. We can assist your business in reconstructing missing statutory records.

Registered Office Service

Companies are required to have a registered office address where the books and records are normally kept.

By mutual agreement, Bradan Accountants can provide you permission to use its address as the registered office address for your company.