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Primer on Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) Guidelines


Revenue has published guidance on this scheme announced in the budget. Here is a 2 minute summary – of what you need to know. Firstly here are the highlights.

It covers energy costs from 1 Sep 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 (likely to be extended to 28 Feb 2023)

If your average unit cost of electricity or gas has increased by 50% from 2021 level

You can claim up to 40% of increase, max €10k per month per trade

Register and claim before end of November 2022

Great news this is here and possibly in time for Christmas payouts.

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Eligible Business

Some basic rules on who can register.

All companies, sole traders and partnerships in Ireland with a trade or profession.

All charities and sporting organisations with tax exemptions.

Tax clearance is required

No public bodies, rental or management companies

Exceptions allowed where businesses started in 2022 and don’t have 2021 bills

Good coverage, looks like most businesses and charities in Ireland will qualify.

Energy Costs Test

You need to have back-up to support your claim.

Unit cost per kwH has to be 50% greater in Sep 2022 vs Sep 2021.

Revenue will have a portal where information is keyed in from bills

Lots of complicated examples and scenarios for working out unit prices etc.

Sounds simple in theory, however we await the ROS portal with some trepidation.

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Eligible Costs

In basic terms the uplift in costs from the previous year is eligible

15 pages of complicated workings, apportionments, exclusions and the like

Again it sounds straightforward but prepare to get intimate with your ESB bills like never before

Amount Claimable

This actually looks straightforward i.e. you get 40% of the eligible costs

Claims can be made as bills are received

There is a cap of €10k per trade, the vast majority of business will not come close

There is a time limit of 4 months,  so claim by January 2023 for September 2022

The amount will reduce your deductible business costs so is effectively taxable

Let’s hope that the amount you can claim actually makes sense with all the administration that may be required.

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Registration and Claiming

The system is being built into ROS as we speak and expected at the end of November

There is a requirement to measure your carbon footprint via this climate toolkit.

There are the usual penalties and expect similar compliance regimes to recent covid payments like TWSS and EWSS.

In Summary

We would welcome the scheme and the fact that it might relieve costs in 2022. The climate toolkit is worth further examination. However we await the ROS system and more instructions. For businesses with significant energy costs it will definitely make sense but not too sure about the cost / benefit for smaller businesses.

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