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1.   ‘Highest level of job creation’ through IDA in over a decade.

 The IDA’s report for 2013 shows the highest job-creation figures in over a decade, with over 13000 jobs created here last year. The IDA also states that there was an increase of 18% in companies who were attracted to invest in Ireland for the first time. However the target set out by the Horizon 2020 report for regional development-that 50% of jobs created by the IDA in 2013 were located outside of Dublin and Cork-did not materialise, with the figure for 2013 standing at 30%

2.   Company insolvencies fall 18% in 2013.

 Figures from Vision-net show a drop in insolvencies in 2013, with slight improvement in tough sectors like construction and property. The most vulnerable sector is the hospitality sector, with two-thirds of hotels and restaurants identified as high risk. The data also points to a 10% increase in company start-ups in 2013.

3.   Ken Norgrove: Progress of SME’s will be the true barometer of recovery

 Ken Norgrave, Chief Executive of Zurich Insurance discusses why the sector has a major part to play in creating wealth and spreading it throughout society.

4.   NAMA generates €5.8bn in cash during 2013.

 The majority of the cash was acquired through the disposal of assets, with the total cash gained since its inception in 2009 rising to €16.5bn. The Agency has approved close to €1bn in funding for the completion of construction projects and is prepared to invest €1.5bn in the next 3 years.

5.   Government must act to prevent a serious pension crisis.

 Niall O’ Callaghan, partner at Mercer, highlights the need for the Government to focus on a long-term strategy to pensions, after 5 years of short-term measures due to the banking crisis, along with changes to pension policy that would help Ireland to better deal with the challange.


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