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1.   Business Brain: Lets recognise potential leaders of the future and help them rise to the top

Milla Clynes, manager at PwC People and change, discusses the results of PwC’s 2013 CEO Pulse survey.

2.   Pass it on: How to make the most of gifts and inheritances.

The rules regarding Capital Acquisitions Tax have changed in recent years, but there are still ways to keep your returns low.

3.   It’s possible to have time on your hands- but only if you learn to delegate

Feargal Quinn answers questions on problem solving for small business.

4.   Hospitality sector at risk of collapse while economy continues to improve.

According to new data from, 18% fewer companies’ have become insolvent this year, combined with a rise in the number of start-ups, although this comes with a warning that the hospitality sector still remains unstable.

5.   It’s too early to talk of recovery but signs are good.

Chris Johns assesses the recent Economic data that has painted a contradictory picture over the Irish economy.


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