NumberCruncher Recommends…14th October 2013

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1.   EU to create blueprint for regional SMEs to receive €10k digital vouchers

The European Commission is publishing a new blueprint for micro enterprises and SMEs in various regions to go digital, which will include a measure to provide digital innovation vouchers worth up to €10,000.

2.   Small businesses upbeat about the next 12 months

Ireland’s small business community is upbeat about its prospects for the next twelve months, with most respondents to a survey saying they expect further improvements in trading conditions in the coming year and 15% expecting to increase employment.

3.   £30m boost for SMEs

Two new equity funds with £30m from Invest NI in their coffers have been unveiled by the agency today as part of its access to finance portfolio.

4.   State-owned pension fund to cash in €600m for re-investment in the Republic

The State’s national pension fund is cashing in €600m in overseas assets as part of a plan to reinvest the money in the Republic, according to a number of reports.

5.   Burton told: deliver welfare cuts to win €2.5bn Budget deal

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton is coming under intense pressure to deliver a raft of social welfare reforms – or jeopardise a coalition deal on a reduced €2.5bn Budget.


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