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1.   Credit Unions are three times more popular than banks

 Research has revealed that Credit Unions are 3 times more popular than the biggest banks in Ireland. It also found that 25% of Credit Union members said they joined because their parents set up an account for them.

2.   The Alternative Board enters Irish market providing SMEs access to CEOs

 A US company as entering the Irish market with a new Franchise named “The Alternative Board”. The Alternative Board brings together groups of non-competing CEOs and business owners to work on solving problems and providing innovative solutions to each others’ different businesses.

 3.   Experian MD welcomes faster bill settlements as boost for our SMEs

 New data from research group Experian shows that Irish businesses reduced the amount it takes them to pay creditors in the second quarter of 2013 by three-and-a-half days. However, they are still lagging behind their counterparts in Northern Ireland in terms of how fast they settle their bills.

 4.   SME debt another elephant in the room for banks

Up to now the banks seemingly have ignored the SME debt problem that they are facing. This is a serious issue as according to the financial regulator, half of the €50bn in lending to SME’s is in arrears.

 5.   Banks to favour restructuring over repossessions, says Fitch

 Ratings agency Fitch claims long-term restructuring of Irish mortgages will become more prevalent now a cohesive and credible framework for dealing with arrears has taken place. It also states that repossession or voluntary surrender will be a last resort.!story/Home/News/Banks+to+favour+restructuring+over+repossessions%2C+says+Fitch/id/86429415-8520-1273-7781-03287201581