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We are starting a weekly blog of five business articles that we have scoured the internet for from the previous 7 days. Here is our first batch for you to read, enjoy and share!



1.   Another new tool to get Irish SMEs online

Have you an online presence? Here is a brief article discussing the importance of having an online presence and also a new handy tool to help you achieve it. It also reveals a surprising statistic that 30% of businesses with an .i.e. registered domain don’t actually have a website yet.

2.   Live Register falls by 2,500 in June

Some good news to start with, the Irish times discusses how the Live Register fell in June to bring the unemployment rate to 13.6%. This is the lowest rate Ireland has seen since August of 2010. The article evaluates what factors have contributed to the fall of unemployment and considers new ways to continue improving the job market.

3.   Innovation means doing what’s best for customers (04/07)

Innovation can often feel like something that scientist do but the Independent published an article that suggests a few, simple things a business can do to improve through innovation. It focuses on the advice given by Charles Leadbeater who is a leading innovation consultant and author. He recommends taking existing products and services, and adapting them to better suit consumer needs.

4.   ECB hold rates as crisis threatens rerun

Business world addressed ECB’s decision to hold interest rates at 0.5%. The rates remain at their current values partly due to signifiers in June that reinforced ECB’s prediction of a slow euro zone recovery that include an accelerated inflation as well as stronger-than-expected consumer spending in France and Germany.

5.   IBEC urges government: don’t hike taxes again

The budget wars have started already with an earlier budget expected this year than in previous years. IBEC calling on tax cuts, Unions saying the fat cats must pay, c’est la vie…!story/Home/News/IBEC+urges+government%3A+don’t+hike+taxes+again/id/19410615-5218-51da-61a5-98cbd4659928