Are you considering starting a company in Ireland and wondering how to navigate the registration process with the Companies Registration Office (CRO)? Look no further. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps, documents required, fees, timeframes, and common mistakes to avoid during company registration with CRO Ireland. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established business looking to expand, this guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully register your enterprise in Ireland.

What are the steps and how do I register a company with the Companies Registration Office(CRO)?

1. Choose and Verify Company Name

  • Check name availability by searching on or using Name Search API.
  • Company name must end in ‘Limited’, ‘Ltd’, ‘Teoranta’, ‘PLC’ etc as applicable.
  • Name cannot be too similar to existing names, offensive, misleading etc.

2. Prepare Registration Documents

  • Form A1 provides details of company name, directors, registered office, shareholders etc.
  • Constitution consists of Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) or a one document Constitution for LTD companies.
  • M&A states company objectives, regulates relations between company and members.
  • Constitution templates are available on

3. Submit Documents and Fee on CORE

  • Documents and registration fee of €50 are submitted electronically on CRO’s CORE system.
  • Documents must be signed and dated. Scanned signatures are acceptable for electronic submission.

4. Await Approval of Registration

  • Standard timeframe for registration approval is 5 working days.
  • Faster registration (same or next day) is possible for an extra fee.
  • CRO may come back with queries or corrections needed.

5. Post-Registration Compliance

  • Notify CRO of company’s registered office within 30 days of incorporation.
  • File annual returns within 28 days of Annual Return Date.
  • Notify changes in directors, shareholders, constitution etc within 15 days.

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Documents Required for CRO Company Registration

The key documents required for registering a business with CRO are:

  • Form A1: Provides company name, directors/secretary details, shareholders, share capital, registered office address etc.
  • Constitution:
    • For LTD company – One document Constitution with Articles of Association.
    • For other company types – Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Form A1 and Constitution must be signed and dated by directors/secretary.
  • Scanned signatures are acceptable for electronic submission on CORE.

Fees for CRO Company Registration

The standard fees for CRO business registration are:

  • Electronic submission on CORE: €50
  • Paper submission: Not available, only electronic filing accepted. Additional fees:
  • Expedited registration (same or next day): €100 extra
  • Late filing fees for overdue annual returns: €120 initial late fee + €3 daily.

Timeframe for CRO Company Registration

  • Standard registration timeframe: 5 working days from submission of complete documents and fees.
  • Expedited registration: Same day or next working day with expedited fee.
  • Delay reasons: Incomplete information, unsigned/undated documents, incorrect fees etc.

Common Mistakes in CRO Company Registration

Some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Incorrect or unavailable company name.
  • Unsigned or undated documents.
  • Unclear objectives in M&A.
  • Insufficient fees attached.
  • Incomplete Form A1 details.
  • Unnecessary name similarity to existing companies.
  • Not notifying registered office address within 30 days.
  • Late filing of annual returns and changes in company details.
  • Careful checking of details and following CRO guidelines can help avoid errors and delays.


  • The main steps to register a business with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland are:
    1. Choose a company name and carry out a company name search on to ensure availability.
    2. Prepare and submit the required registration documents (Form A1 and Constitution) and pay the registration fee on CRO’s online platform CORE.
    3. Await approval of registration from CRO. The standard registration timeframe is 5 working days.
    4. Once registered, comply with post-incorporation requirements like notifying CRO of the company’s registered office, submitting annual returns, etc.
  • The main documents required for CRO business registration are Form A1 and the Constitution (Memorandum & Articles of Association or a one document Constitution for an LTD company).
  • The standard registration fee is €50 for electronic submission on CORE. Late filing fees apply for late annual returns.
  • Common mistakes include incorrect company name, incomplete forms, unsigned documents, insufficient fees, etc. Careful checking of details is important.
  • The standard timeframe for company registration is 5 working days from submission of complete documents and fees. Registration can be expedited for an extra fee.


The key steps for registering a business with CRO are choosing a name, preparing documents, submitting on CORE, awaiting approval, and complying with post-registration requirements. Allowing sufficient time to verify details, complete all documents fully and accurately, pay the right fees, and meet deadlines will help ensure a smooth registration process. Keeping up with post-registration obligations is also essential.