XERO Helps Irish charities improve their efficiency and transparency.

Charity accounting in Ireland is undergoing significant reforms to improve transparency and ensure compliance. The Charities Regulator has proposed new regulations that will require larger charities to prepare their financial statements using the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) and have their accounts audited.

XERO accounting software provides an excellent platform for charities to improve their financial reporting and meet the proposed regulations. This report examines the legal requirements for charity accounting in Ireland, key features of XERO for charity accounting, and best practices for using XERO to ensure compliance and transparency.

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Legal Requirements for Charity Accounting in Ireland

The Charities Act 2009 contains provisions for financial reporting and auditing of charity accounts, but they have not yet been implemented through regulations. The Act currently exempts charities structured as companies.

The Charities Regulator has proposed regulations to:

  • Require charities with income over €250,000 to prepare accrual accounts using the Charities SORP and have an annual audit
  • Allow charities under €250,000 to use simplified accounting formats and have an independent examination instead of an audit
  • Exempt charities under €25,000 from preparing financial statements and having an audit/examination

These regulations will create a level playing field for all registered charities regardless of legal structure. They aim to improve transparency while reducing the regulatory burden on smaller charities.

XERO Features for Charity Accounting

XERO is a cloud-based accounting platform designed for small businesses and non-profits. Key features relevant for charity accounting include:

  • Multi-entity support – Manage financial reporting for multiple related charities or chapters from a single XERO organization.
  • Fund accounting – Track income and spending across different funds such as restricted, unrestricted, endowment.
  • Non-profit reporting – Built-in reports tailored for non-profits including Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities.
  • Project tracking – Assign expenses to specific projects and generate project financial reports.
  • Automated workflows – Set up rules for procurement, expenses, invoicing.
  • Integration ecosystem – Connects with CRMs, payment processors, and other tools used by non-profits.

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Using XERO for Compliance in Irish Charity Accounting

XERO enables charities in Ireland to meet the proposed regulations and follow best practices:

  • Charities over €250,000 can use the multi-entity structure and fund accounting features to produce SORP-compliant accrual accounts.
  • Smaller charities can use the non-profit reporting and project tracking features to generate simplified statements for independent examination.
  • Automated workflows improve internal controls for procurement and expenses, a key compliance requirement.
  • Data exports facilitate filing annual returns with the Charities Regulator.
  • Integration with CRMs and donation platforms provides an audit trail for fundraising activities.

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Best Practices for Transparency in Charity Accounting

In addition to meeting basic compliance requirements, charities should embrace transparency best practices:

  • Publish a detailed Trustees Annual Report as part of the annual financial statements.
  • Share financial statements publicly on the charity’s website.
  • Disclose relevant party transactions, trustee expenses, and executive compensation.
  • Provide open access to annual returns submitted to the Charities Regulator.
  • Communicate regularly with donors and supporters about the charity’s activities and finances.

XERO enables transparency best practices by making it easy to generate and publish detailed reports. Features like automated workflows also improve internal transparency.


The proposed regulations in Ireland are an opportunity for charities to improve their financial governance. By leveraging XERO’s features tailored for non-profits, charities can efficiently meet legal accounting and reporting requirements while also embracing transparency best practices. This will build public trust, demonstrate accountability to stakeholders, and ultimately further the charity’s mission.