CRO join Revenue in 21st Century – Fully Electronic Accounts


The CRO recently reported in their February newsletter that from March 2014 SMEs in Ireland and their agents will be able to file accounts and annual returns fully electronically. We applaud this move by the CRO and look forward to its implementation. Online filing has been available for a number of years now on their CORE website ( but they still require original signatures on the accounts and also on a signature sheet which kind of defeats the purpose of the online filing in the first place. Revenue, although not quite in the 21st century when it comes to email and other new IT developments, have been receiving fully electronic submissions via their ROS website for years. Let’s hope the CRO improvement is worth waiting for.

Another useful piece on the CRO newsletter is information on the new ‘Taking Care of Business’ workshops being roadshowed around the country at the moment. More details and timings are available on the link above along with the statement that “Representatives from 25 State offices and agencies will be available at the events to give you information and advice on a variety of services that span your business needs and activities”. In a small country of 4 million people it is mind-boggling that there are 25 state agencies that are entwined with SME businesses.


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