Covid19 Government Supports Still Available 1

This is an update on the current covid19 supports that are still available now that most businesses are getting back to work

The wage subsidy scheme has been extended to the end of August 2020 in line with the unemployment payment. The latest FAQs are at these links for employers and employees.  Revenue has also given new guidance on eligibility and when you should come off the scheme. (See 2.13 on first link in this paragraph)

Revenue has warehoused debt from Jan – Jun 2020. This means no interest and penalties and no collections. As long as the debt arose because of the crisis it will be parked for 12 months from the day trading “normally” begins again. A zero interest rate will apply for the first 12 months and a low rate of 3% will apply for the next 12 months. More on this here

The start-up grant of up to 10k (based on the rates you pay to the council) is now available. More information and online applications are here

Loans and microloans are available by contacting your local bank and / or Microfinance Ireland loans

A variety of grants available from LEO (and Enterprise Ireland) for Business Continuity and Trading Online vouchers but some of that money seems to be spent at this point.

In general details of grants and loans are listed here

Please get in touch if you have some relevant info or queries on any of the above.



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