1. It great to look at, it’s true the user interface on Xero is intuitive and stunning.

2. The dashboard is gives a great snapshot of your business without having to click into reports.

3. No back-ups ever. Anyone with an onsite accounting package knows the heart ache of having to back up their data and remove it off site or pay for off-site remote back up.

4. Its priced well. The cost of Xero is often less than the cost of a remote offsite back up.

5. No server costs. I have a number of clients who could dump their server and get a networked hard-disk for file storage if they changed to Xero.

6. Its mobile- Xero looks great on your iPhone, Android or Black-berry browser. Phone app will be with us shortly.

7. It integrates really well with Fresh-books.

8. Your accountant and bookkeeper can access your accounts remotely.

9. Expense Claims – Staff can remotely enter their expense claims saving unnecessary paperwork and administration.

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