Considering changing the accounting software you use? Or perhaps you’re curious about the advantages of cloud accounting system over the traditional on-premise accounting system. Please continue reading to gain more insight into this subject.


What is the cloud?

In essence, a cloud is a system that allows online access to data and applications from any location and on any device. Your local drive serves as the main storage location for your data in desktop applications. With cloud computing, your local drive is no longer the main data storage system. To prevent data loss, a cloud application automatically synchronises and backs up with remote cloud servers. With the increasing use of cloud accounting software in business, you can be rest assured that your data is secure and safe with “bank level” encryption systems.


What is cloud-based accounting system?

Cloud-based accounting is the practise of managing business accounts utilising software application that is stored and executed on a remote server know as a cloud. These cloud-based applications are frequently provided by the companies either as a software or as a platform.

By deploying your accounting system in the cloud, your data is safe and secure on remote servers with bank level encryptions and with always on system design users can access any information they require online, so staff members or outside accountants are not geographically tied to a specific location to analyse and manage any financial data of the company.

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How does a Cloud Accounting System Work?

Using a web browser, cloud accounting allows users to access the data from anywhere. To enhance the user experience on portable devices the provider might also provide a native mobile application.

Accounting applications track all transactions and automatically sync them to appropriate digital ledger and the application can directly integrated with the company’s banking accounts

Accounting applications offers users with dashboard that shows them financial data that is most important to their user profiles.

Users can drill down into the data for more information, and all data update instantly as soon as the software syncs with all accounts.

Accounting is the core function of an ERP system, most well know accounting applications enable ERP systems to compile data to a unified database.

The unified database links together various business functions by tracking and recording all transactions thus making business more efficient and up to date

Make sure your accounting application is easier to use, else it will add undue business stress.

Cloud accounting systems can save your business valuable time and money by making it more efficient than an on premise desktop based accounting system. As you have seen that cloud accounting softwares can offer numerous benefits, the latest accounting applications can fit all sizes of businesses and financial strategies.

Always on accounting can enable business owners to keep track of real-time financial data while delegating access to in house team and external third-party accountants. the ease of using cloud accounting enables the whole team to take better financial decisions and increases organisational efficiency.

With ever expanding cloud application integration support, cloud accounting applications can virtually integrate with any new age business systems that your business uses, this means faster data integration and greater flexibility with existing skill-set of the internal team. With easy implementations and low monthly subscription fees, cloud accounting systems have become a vital function in many new age business ecosystem.

Work Efficiently and Effectively With Cloud-based Accounting Systems

Today’s businesses should take into account highly-rated companies that can provide cloud-based solutions, or systems created from the ground up to operate as a solution-as-a-service as opposed to those simply redeveloped to just run on cloud servers, when choosing cloud based accounting software.

Many top cloud accounting application service providers offer cloud accounting solutions with multiple features such as support for various currencies, automated payments, international and local law compliant, automated collections and payments management, and many more. This solution also goes beyond real-time financial data and ledgers. The core foundation of a unified cloud application is its accounting system, which is complimented by modules for budgeting, planning,billing, revenue management and other functions.

Cloud Accounting Apps offers a number of integrations with other cloud applications for related functions like inventory management, order management, purchase management, payroll management and human resources management (HR), all of which are integrated with core financial functions of the business. Since all the data is gathered in a unified database on a single application, switching between different business systems to manage various business functions is no longer necessary.


In order to have a competitive advantage over competition, businesses should implement cloud accounting application in their operations and the implementation of these highly streamlined cloud accounting system is not a trend of the future anymore. These cloud accounting application can be implemented with a minimum monthly subscription fees, and the business can can enable and disable as per the business needs.

Other key important factor to understand is, if you are operating a business without precise and up to date information will be like navigating a ship in a stormy sea, the business will only rely exclusively on external factors and core functions, these functions can be unified and integrated with the help of a cloud accounting system, which optimises a businesses operational efficiency and profitability.

Operating a business without precise and up to date information is like navigating a ship in a stormy sea

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Need more info or help with your business accounts?

Our team are here to help. If you’re working on something and aren’t sure where to go next, our excellent customer service team are there to help.

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