We understand that as a business owner, whether a new start up or a mature company, it is vital to keep on top of your costs. That is why we have compiled the following article of our top 5 online resources which not only are FREE but are likely to save you a considerable amount of time and money performing routine task.


First up is Dropbox, a household name in cloud storage at this stage but definitely a must have for any modern day business wanting to access files from various locations without the hassle of carrying around large quantities of physical documents.

It gets better as not only can you access your documents safely and securely from any computer but Dropbox can also be synced with your smart phone allowing you access on the go.


2.Survey Monkey

Gone are the days of printing 100’s of surveys and handing them out, only for them to be thrown in the bin shortly afterwards. Survey Monkey allows you to create an online survey which can be sent to existing or prospective clients for whatever purpose required. It also populates the results of the survey for you and provides you with valuable data, again saving you time and money manually sorting through and documenting your results.



Have you ever been away from your main computer, needed to get a file off it and struggled to instruct someone over the telephone where to find it, then this is the software for you. TeamViewer allows you to remotely connect to any computer over the internet from wherever you may be. Simply log on, find that file you forgot and save it to a cloud based storage system such as Dropbox or email it to yourself.



As the pace of business change has developed greatly in recent years, people haven’t as much time to be travelling great distances to meetings. Skype allows numerous people in various locations to affectively hold a meeting with each other over the internet with the use of video calling. This removes the need for everyone to be in the same room to make decisions or travel to another country to finalise that important deal.



This piece of software is a handy tool for those who need to keep track of time spent on certain projects and then to bill accordingly. It automatically tracks your time or alternatively can be entered manually if you wish. You can then use this information to create invoices and bill your clients when required.  Proper use of this software should greatly reduce time spent on billing and time keeping allowing you to concentrate on some of the more value adding aspects of your business.




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