We know that to most people changing Accountants is like changing the family doctor. If you are getting a good service and value for money then there is no reason to change. If not then we can make the transition as painless as possible. To ease the pain we have developed a switcher pack with some great benefits for anyone choosing one of our pricing plans.

  • Sales growth tool – we analyse your current sales and work with your team to focus on specific niche and target market combinations.  Value €€€(Depends on your particular business and willingness to invest time)
  • Free mentoring – we will give you the equivalent of one half-day mentoring to get you on course to where you want to be. You choose what you need e.g. Sales and Marketing, Business planning, Financial, Web, IT etc. We work with our business partners to provide the specific advice you need. Value €300-€500

Please contact us to discuss or check out testimonials from some of our happy clients here or take a minute to listen to some of our clients who have previously made the switch to Bradan Consulting.


Ollie Walsh from Micromarketing discusses switching to Bradan Consulting Accounting service



Keith Killilea from Builder Engine discusses Bradan Consulting Accounting service