State body seeks someone to provide Accounting, Company secretarial and Governance services for 10 charities

Problem Discussion

The state body sought tenders for a firm to provide a suite of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services along with governance training for 10 charities which it funded.  This pilot project arose from feedback on the costs of compliance for charities and was to be a shared services model

Solution Discussion

Partnered with Governance expert to win tender and deliver the service

We collaborated with a Training and Governance partner in the charity sector to design the full program and ultimately won the tender from the State body. We set up basic cloud accounting and paperless bookkeeping services for the charities. We trained their teams on how to use and run reports. We also helped them with budgets and set up monthly reporting routines. Happy to say that the pilot program was a great success and the funding has been mainstreamed with us doing all the accounting and bookkeeping service.