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1.Ambassador’s Galway visit underlines benefit of increased co-operation

British Ambassador Dominick Chilcott paid a visit to our client, Meterlogix, a local energy monitoring and management company, to discuss opportunities for Irish companies in the UK and UKTI supports available to them.

2.Google to open digital innovation centre in Dublin docklands

Google expects to boost business tourist revenue by at least 17% with the announcement of its “Digital Innovation Centre” in the Dublin Docklands. This is Google’s first such investment outside of the US and they expect to attract up to 15,000 extra overseas business visitors to the city each year.

3.Northern exposure programme a lifeline for struggling SME’s

Small Irish businesses are being urged to look to cross border exporting for growth. North-South enterprise body InterTrade are offering up to €5000 to fund market research for small companies considering cross-border selling.

4.CoFunder launches new funding platform for SME’s

A new funding platform has been launched which helps connect small businesses with lenders of finance.  It claims to be a low cost form of business finance that reduces the cost and complexity of business funding.

5.Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence Expenses by Intermediaries

The latest e-brief release from Revenue, this latest edition includes information on the claiming of Travel and Subsistence and some useful examples.