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1.   Parents fear cost of college will force them into debt.

Of an online poll of 352, over 50% of parents fear that the cost of college will result in them having to take out a loan to help fund their third level education. DIT estimates the average cost of a year in college to be €10,402 for student is living away from home.

2.   Eurozone Services Index rises for the first time in 19 months.

GDP in the Eurozone increased in the 3 month period through June after a record 6 quarterly contractions. ECB announces it will keep interest rates low and expects the economy to grow by 1.1% in 2014.

3.   Big write downs expected under new debt rules.

Lorcan O’Connor, head of the Insolvency Service has indicated that the average write down on unsecured debts for those entering personal insolvency arrangements is expected to be two thirds of what is owed.

4.   The Art of doing business on Facebook.

Facebook Ireland boss Gareth Lambe explains how businesses in Ireland can make use of the social network.

5.   Report shows that Irish people are spending €11Bn less a year than during the boom.

The report on personal spending shows how we spend less despite paying €2Bn more in taxes, an average of €500 more for every person.


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