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1.   Increase in uptake of cloud computing among Irish SMEs – O2

A survey of 350 Irish business owners and managers has found the percentage using cloud software products has risen from 48% 18 months ago to 69%. While SMEs are upping their use of cloud services, the survey shows that 36% are still unclear of the benefits.

2.   Tech PR starter pack for early stage companies launched

Early stage tech companies with limited PR & marketing budgets who don’t want to commit to long-term monthly retainer fees, now have an option to avail of public relations without breaking the bank.

3.   Welfare trap is stopping people from taking jobs

A string of welfare traps that are stopping people taking up work have been identified in a damning government report. It finds large numbers of people are turning down jobs because they will lose welfare payments.

4.   SME Lending falls again as the squeeze shows no sign of easing

Lending to small businesses fell again in the second quarter of this year, as the credit crunch showed little sign of easing.

5.   Ombudsman to ‘name and shame’ repeat offenders

Finance houses are to face a new “three strikes and you’re out” policy under new rules allowing the Financial Services Ombudsman to name and shame.


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