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1.   A tech entrepreneur development programme for jobseekers

Despite the talk of “Innovation Ireland” and the rise in large global tech companies starting up in Ireland, the country is experiencing declining levels of entrepreneurship and innovation. A new “entrepreneur development programme” looks to bridge this gap.

2.   AIB insolvency experts to target struggling SME’s

AIB  is putting together a panel of receivers and insolvency experts to move in on heavily indebted small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and other commercial businesses with assets of value.

3.   Bloomberg news service reports Irish Gathering a huge success

Last week the financial news service Bloomberg is reporting that Ireland’s  biggest industry – tourism –  is bouncing back on the strength of a wave of visitors. Members of the local business community say claim The Gathering has been an unqualified success.

4.   Irish personal debt falls to €37,572 per Capita, lowest level since 2006

The personal debt of Irish people is currently at its lowest since 2006, according to the central bank. Irish people owe €37,572 per capita.

5.   80% of IT companies plan to hire staff in next three months

Over 80 per cent of IT companies expect revenues to rise this year, with one quarter expecting a “substantial” increase.