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1.   Five key tech resolutions to help make your year run smoothly.

Five basic technology resolutions to make your life a whole lot easier.

2.   Irish Firms on trade mission close deals worth €65m in Gulf States.

Irish businesses have closed deals in the Gulf region that will lead to 95 jobs. According to Minister for Enterprise Richard Bruton, the Government has ‘great ambition for the region’, with a possibility of increasing trade between Ireland and the Gulf countries from about €400mn to €1bn annually.

3.   Ireland’s post bailout return to the bond markets raised €3.75bn.

The Governments first foray into the bond market since the bailout exit last month has been a success, with Ireland’s bond yields have fallen to levels not seen since before the 2008 financial crisis. The transaction cements Ireland’s return to the bond markets and provides a strong platform for bond auctions in 2014.

4.   ‘Compo culture’ fears could spark a 30% rise in car insurance.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter has introduced a change to court award limits, with the fear that people will be more inclined to go to court rather than settle their case, leading to a rise in car insurance

5.   Almost 50,000 Mortgages have been restructured.

 Lenders have entered arrangements with almost 50000 Mortgage holders, according to the Department of Finance, an increase of just over 8000 since the end of August. Between the end of October and November the amount of home loans in arrears fell by 1270. However there are still 62000 non-restructured mortgages in arrears for more than 90 days.



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