We are passionate about the web and new technology and use it extensively to operate our accountancy business and collaborate with our clients. We understand technology entrepreneurs and business. Here are some stories about them.

Payment service provider company needs accountant for financial planning and annual accounts 

Another client referred our accountancy work to this PSP company who later became a client. They needed financial projections to model how an expansion into 8 European countries would impact financially. This ultimately fed into their business plan and documentation to woo investors. The client also outsourced all its bookkeeping and accounts work to us. This client is now on the verge of completing second round funding.


National youth media website looking for chairperson of the board and governance structures in place

Have worked with this multi-award winning internet organisation since 2005, becoming chairperson of the board in 2009. Role has involved working with the CEO, team and other board members to set up simple governance and financial structures to help organisation achieve its mission.


Business and financial planning for internet start up looking for grants

Client was set up by two directors with a novel idea in the competitive space of internet music and video. They needed financial projections and a busines plan to access City Enterprise Grants. We worked with them to work out new internet revenue models and in accesing investors through the Business Angels Halo network. Worth pointing out that this company ultimately failed and we dissolved it but both directors have moved on to fresher pastures and their entrepreneurial experience will stand to them.


Accounts and tax compliance for website design company

Very innovative web design company with simple tax and accounting requirements all now successfully up and running. Needed some additional input on VAT issues when exporting to EU and US.


IT trainer seeks better communication from accountant

Client had already set up a company but was not happy with a fee received unexpectedly from his accountant. We explained our fee struture and way of working. Client felt more in control and agreed to transfer over his accountancy services to Bradan. Client still records own sales and purchases but we look after his VAT and PAYE returns as well as his annual compliance work.