Starting a Business

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When you are starting out there are lots of questions you will have and information that you need to get it all up and running. Many of these questions can be addressed by your accountant and we have those items listed below.

Our Accounting Services for Start-ups

Set-up Advice

We will look at the options with you and explain the pros and cons of each entity for your business & registrations required.

Company formation

Getting the paperwork done, getting your company & business name registered, opening a company bank account etc.

Tax registration

Registering for business taxes, a VAT number and as an employer.

Accounting and bookkeeping set-ups

Start strong with accounting systems that lower costs and improve performance.

Payroll and employer’s services

Ensure your company is prepared for having employees.

SURE entrepreneur tax reliefs

Make the most of the assistance that is available for new businesses

Business plans and projections

Good planning is vital for your success. Let us help make an excellent business plan with realistic projections.


Starting a business - There are certain areas which commonly come up for new businesses which we have tried to answer for you below.

This choice should be based on your business activity, size and a number of other factors.
Read our blog post 6 Key areas to consider when deciding on a Sole Trader or Limited
Company for more detailed information.

In most cases, a business will be liable for some, if not all of the following: Income Tax or
Corporation Tax, VAT, and PAYE/PRSI. Your accountant will advise on the taxes you are
liable for once the business structure has been decided on. However, it is worth discussing
your business structure with your accountant first to ensure your structure is the most tax
efficient for your business.

It is advisable to keep good records, understand what expenses you can offset against your
taxes and plan ahead. For more information, we have a dedicated Annual Accounts and Tax

In terms of accounting, consistency and reliability are key and for these to be possible, good
processes are essential. At Bradan Accountants, we recommend using suitable technology
such as Xero Accounting or other Cloud based accounting software to ensure this.

Related Services

Whether you are starting out or a seasoned business person there are huge advantages in using online / cloud technology to improve your business. This makes it easier to do business and avoid needless duplication. There are also big advantages in that it facilitates remote working and gives easy access to all the information you need for decision-making. 

All businesses need to grind out their annual accounts, tax returns and other statutory returns. This is not the most exciting area for business people but is our bread and butter. 

Business also require the more day to day activity of invoicing your customer, allocating payments, paying suppliers and employees and managing your bank balances. 


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