You and 2022

We got some great insights from our client survey. They told us about their own business journey and their hopes for 2022. We are sharing it here with the broader community to provide some insight and advice for start-ups. Highlights 2022 outlook – Positivity abounds as 68% of our clients are confident for growth in 2022 […]

2021 End of Year Tax Tips

It’s the end of the year again (of another strange year) so here are some seasonal tips which you could implement this week before we move into 202 Gift vouchers for directors and employees tax free Still the number one Xmas sized tip. You can give all employees (including directors) up to €500 tax-free in non-cash vouchers […]

Accounting for Freelancers – 7 Tips you should implement now

Thinking about outsourcing

As a freelancer, you probably enjoy a lot of the benefits of working on your own terms and at a pace that suits you. One area that can often cause an issue for freelancers is their accounting and managing cash flow. In this post, I want to give you some advice and tips which will make your life easier and ensure you have more money available when you need it.

Why you should be using Cloud Accounting for your Business

Starting a Business in Ireland or relocate to Ireland

Accounting is an important part of running every successful business. No matter the size, industry, growth potential or plans for the future, you will need to keep track of your incomings and outgoings and at Bradan Accountants, we believe that the best solution for this is to use Cloud Accounting Software like Xero or QuickBooks.

Covid19 Government Supports Still Available

Starting a Business in Ireland or relocate to Ireland

This is an update on the current covid19 supports that are still available now that most businesses are getting back to work The wage subsidy scheme has been extended to the end of August 2020 in line with the unemployment payment. The latest FAQs are at these links for employers and employees.  Revenue has also given […]

Covid19 wage subsidy scheme

Starting a Business in Ireland or relocate to Ireland

Getting a lot of calls and emails today about the new subsidy scheme announced yesterday, it sounds comprehensive but the devil is in the details which are not all available yet. These are the main points as of now. Benefits Employees retain 100% of their net pay Employees retain their current hours and are available […]

Start your business or relocate it to Ireland

Starting a Business in Ireland or relocate to Ireland

We are getting more and more clients and enquiries from overseas entrepreneurs looking to either start their business in Ireland or relocate here. The reasons are clear and let’s admit it tax is often the beacon attracting people but the other advantages of doing business in Ireland are manifold. This is the first of a […]

What Accounting System Should I Use?

What Accounting System Should I Use? This simple question can have a huge impact on your business. Why is this question so important? Why is it crucial to answer this before hiring an accountant? Well, let’s start by taking a look at the different types of systems available.   There are 4 main types of […]

Top 10 tax tips

In general most people don’t bother with accountants unless they have questions about tax. We have been asked countless times for tips and tricks to keep the tax bills down or otherwise to avoid attention. Here we have compiled a simple layman’s guide of 10 tax tips which are not exhaustive but useful nonetheless. It’s […]

Past, Present and Future – a novel look at your finances

Now that my Christmas goose is well cooked, drawn and quartered and the heartburn has dissipated it’s the time of year to reflect and ponder on the year gone by and the year to come. Thinking about your finances through the prism of past present and future can ground it more with reality in your mind […]