Annual Accounts & Tax

Year end accounts

Annual Accounts and Tax

All businesses need to produce their annual accounts, tax returns and other statutory
returns. This is not the most exciting area for business people but at Bradan Accountants, it
is our bread and butter. We can take away a lot of the difficulty and time you spend on your
annual accounts to give you the freedom to focus on your business. In addition, by using
Cloud Accounting systems, you can further reduce the time spent and the cost of preparing
annual accounts.

One of the drawbacks of the annual compliance process is that it is usually completed a
number of months after the action has happened and so is not that useful for decision-
making. However, it is necessary to provide public disclosure of your company’s operating
and financial activities over the past year. The report may be issued to shareholders and
other stakeholders to evaluate the firm’s financial performance and to make investment and
future-focused decisions.

Annual and Basic Compliance Services

  • Annual accounts
    • Prepare your annual accounts and ensure your business is compliant with the legal requirements.
  • Abridged accounts for CRO
    • Prepare abridged accounts for the Companies Registration Office to comply with the requirements for small businesses. 
  • Annual returns to CRO
    • File and fulfil your obligations for annual returns to the Companies Registration Office.
  • RBO – update of database
    • File beneficial ownership data with the RBO through the online portal.
  • Corporation tax 
    • Calculate and complete your corporation tax return
  • Income tax
    • Calculate and complete your income tax return
  • VAT returns
    • Calculate and complete your VAT return
  • PAYE returns
    • Calculate and complete your PAYE return
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
    • Calculate and complete Capital Gains Tax return
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT)
    • Calculate and complete your Capital Acquisitions Tax return

At Bradan Accountants…

…we ensure all of our clients are informed enough and have the right tools at their disposal. In addition, we are always available to discuss your needs and update processes as you grow. Having a reliable and knowledgeable accountant by your side is invaluable at tax return time as well as throughout the year.

Benefits of using Bradan Accountants:

  • We are an accounting firm that changes the game for our clients.
  • We put in place simple systems that make your business run efficiently.
  • We love technology like Xero and other cloud-based apps that can save time or give more insight.
  • We ensure the right information is captured and available for decision making.
  • We support you to thrive and achieve your goals.
  • Contact us today to discuss your needs and take the first step to making a more efficient tax return!


These are essentially a “short-form” version of your accounts. They don’t show as much detail and don’t include a balance sheet. They are useful when you want to show your accounts to third parties without divulging too much information.

It is best practice for you to at least discuss your returns with us as you are ultimately responsible. It is also good for planning and we suggest discussing your annual accounts with us to ensure you understand the key information. 

If you use cloud accounting software, and use it properly, it can save both time and money on completing your annual accounts. It can also ensure you have an ongoing and up to date overview of your financial situation throughout the year.

It is best to choose your accountant early but of course you can contact us to discuss our availability to take you on as a client. Don’t delay though – the earlier you contact us, the better!

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Whether you are starting out or a seasoned business person there are huge advantages in using online / cloud technology to improve your business. This makes it easier to do business and avoid needless duplication. There are also big advantages in that it facilitates remote working and gives easy access to all the information you need for decision-making. 

All businesses need to grind out their annual accounts, tax returns and other statutory returns. This is not the most exciting area for business people but is our bread and butter. 

Business also require the more day to day activity of invoicing your customer, allocating payments, paying suppliers and employees and managing your bank balances. 


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